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Did you know the UW Badgers are the 2023 NCAA women’s ice hockey champions? And 2021, 2019, 2011, 2009, 2007, and 2006? In Wisconsin, girls don’t just play hockey, they win!

Youth hockey is open to both boys and girls at all ages. Most girls play with a coed team until they reach the U14 level (under 14 years old); then almost all choose to continue playing with an all-girls team. Prior to the U14 level, body checking is not allowed at all. At U14, body checking is allowed for the youth (boys and girls) classification but not the girls classification. As the number of girls playing hockey in Wisconsin increases, so does the number of associations offering all-girls teams. If you are interested in an all-girls team, please contact your home association to learn your options.

Whether they choose to eventually play for an all-girls team or not, many Try Hockey For Free events are specifically for girls. So if you want to try it, come on out and join the fun!

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